What To Expect From Counselling

The counselling relationship offers a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for exploration and reflection on the areas of life that are causing difficulties.

How I work

I aim to work in a way that respects you as an individual. I do not give advice but work in a way that facilitates you in looking after your own emotional health.

In my experience as a Psychodynamic Counsellor, past experience can influence present difficulties and making sense of this is often very empowering. Working through inner conflict can help you cope in the present, give an understanding as to why you feel the way you do and help you focus on the changes in your life you may want to make.

I offer an initial assessment session of 50 minutes and during this we can discuss the most beneficial way of working together. Following the assessment session, a weekly counselling appointment will then be reserved for you on the same day and at the same time.

I offer both long and short term contracts depending on individual need.